We pride ourselves in our client service. Our clients find that someone will virtually always answer the phone and the client will usually receive an answer to his or her question immediately, or the very same day.

We take a different approach. Our attorneys and paralegals handle a small caseload of client matters that are processed as quickly as possible. Thus, if you call us in a client matter, we know who you are and what you are calling about.

We speak fluent GERMAN and SPANISH, and recognize the importance of trans-cultural communication and global business. Our law firm is built upon it.

Corporate Services

Our team offers a broad spectrum of corporate services. We pride ourselves in 'managing' our clients' legal matters for their benefit. We see our role not as 'attorneys hired to take care of this and nothing else' but as counselors at law who give their opinion and advice for the client's overall benefit.

This 'management' approach means that we review and coordinate all legal and corporate matters, and are involved in coordination with other professionals, such as specialized outside counsel or accountants. We pride ourselves with this ability, and are pleased to report that we are still representing the very first clients our law firm had when it began.

For example, if you wish to establish a U.S. subsidiary for your company abroad, we handle the company registration, request the tax registration (Federal Employer Identification Number), register the company in the state where you wish to conduct business, locate appropriate office space, negotiate all contracts that need to be signed, and handle all related business immigration matters, such as applying for a management transferee visa. Further, if desired, we would coordinate your tax and accounting matters in cooperation with a professional accounting firm.

Business Services for Small and Medium-sized Companies

Creating and maintaining a business is a complex task. We can assist you from start to finish with:

Deciding what type of business to establish (Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation (Inc.)).

Properly registering your company with Federal and State authorities (Tax ID, State Tax ID, Business License, Stock Certificates and other corporate formalities, Trade Name Certificates, Trademark Registrations, Inspection Formalities).

Developing your business (creating business contacts, mediating disputes, acquisition of other businesses).

These are a few examples of our current practice:

  • For a computer-related company, we managed a corporate 'turnaround,' meaning that we re-negotiated debts with a variety of creditors, defended the company in a related court action, and eventually coordinated the company's bankruptcy proceeding. In this capacity, we coordinated accountants and specialized bankruptcy counsel to prepare the company to emerge from bankruptcy as a viable business.

  • We currently represent one of Europe's largest marketing companies in the U.S. By coordinating their corporate acquisition of a U.S. company including due dilligence, their business immigration matters, international tax questions, labor law issues, and corporate filings, we have been able to significantly reduce their overall legal expenses in the U.S.

  • For a Swiss bank, we settled a seven-digit contract matter with a prominent U.S. individual.

  • For a variety of clients we have registered Trademarks and Service Marks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) to protect the clients' business and trade names.

  • We negotiated a settlement with the Tax Administration in Munich, Germany, for taxes due in an international inheritance for a U.S. resident client.

  • For a 'General Nutrition Center' (GNC) franchise location in Texas, we obtained the occupancy permit and other business licenses, and coordinated the fire safety inspection.

  • We coordinated the registration of chemical products and use permits in Venezuela for a U.S. chemical manufacturer.

  • For a telecommunications company, we 'manage' legal affairs in conjunction with other professionals and prevent unnecessary expenses. For example, in reviewing a pending legal dispute, we investigated the defendant company's background and discovered that there are no assets to satisfy any judgment. Therefore, the legal fees in that case would exceed the potential recovery and litigation would not be advisable.

  • We administered the Florida estate of a well-known scientist, including sale of the assets, shipment of the personal belongings to family members in Europe, and managing tax matters. For this purpose, we 'managed' a variety of other professionals who were necessary for a successful conclusion of the estate matter, including a Florida probate attorney, a real estate agent, and an international tax attorney. Because of our management of the overall affairs, we were able to maximize the family's retention of assets, minimize estate taxes as much as possible, and reduce the overall legal fees significantly.

  • We currently represent a computer wholesale distributor in a lawsuit in federal court, defending the company against copyright infringement charges brought by a major software manufacturer. Because of our management of all of the company's legal affairs, we have been able to represent the client to its satisfaction and reduce the attorneys fees to a fraction of the usual fees for defending such a lawsuit.

Business Immigration Services

E-1 - This 'treaty trader' visa allows you to establish and run a business that has substantial trade with your home country.

E-2 - This 'treaty investor' visa allows you to establish and run a business with a 'substantial' investment.

H1-B - This is the 'professional' work visa that allows skilled professionals to work in their profession in the USA for up to 6 years.

L-1 - This is a visa for international managers who are transferred temporarily to the USA.

EB-1/EB-2/EB-3 - These visas permit highly qualified professionals, managers and scientists to receive a Green Card based on their outstanding qualifications.

EB-5 - This visa permits those who establish a business with an at-risk investment of at least $500,000, employing at least 10 U.S. workers, to receive a Green Card.



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